our vision & PURPOSE

Aeon's founders are inspired by offering more.

Aeon exists to elevate the health of humanity and forever change how the world views cannabis. We start by offering locally produced premium Firebird cannabis flower grown with love by our team. We have been cultivating beautiful cannabis together for almost two decades, specializing in rare cultivars that you won’t find in a typical dispensary. We also are proud to offer our line of Aeon Botanika products designed by our founder and integrative dietitian, Nicole Fox, MPH, RD to support your health, fitness and beauty goals. We go further by replacing bud-tenders with our educated team of cannabis wellness health coaches who are experts in wellness and cannabis, there to help you dial in the best possible products for you.  

Life is good, but know that you could be feeling even better? 

We are here to help you curate your Cannabis Wellness Lifestyle and optimize your mind and body for peak performance. Cannabis is a powerful plant, no doubt. However, there is a plethora of other wellness products and strategies that can take how you feel everyday from good to great.  We offer all of our cannabis and wellness products, arranged by health goal, on our fun, interactive show-room floor to show you the way. 

Maybe you are challenged with a major health condition and are exasperated with what to do. You are welcome here.  Aeon is the only retail cannabis company in Los Angeles founded by a credentialed healthcare professional, with onsite and tele-health physicians, nurses and wellness providers ready to support you in finding relief and a research based solution.


Aeon believes in community and conscious business practices.

As long standing activists in the LA cannabis movement, we have seen the power of community in changing things, and in fact, influencing the entire country to end the prohibition of cannabis. We have seen how like-minded people gathered together, inspire each other toward greater health.

We believe that it isn’t enough to just do well as a business, we must also do good. Aeon actively partners with four hyper- local community organizations within 3 miles of our stores per year. We not only measure our impact and let our customers know what results purchasing from Aeon bring to the community, but we work to raise awareness of our partner organizations through our brand platform, and we roll up our sleeves as a team and volunteer our time.

Aeon's founding team is inspired by the tremendous opportunity we have to change the life of every guest who walks in our doors as well as meaningfully giving back to the communities in which we operate. We pride ourselves on operating as a socially conscious business.

“I believe that most of the greatest companies in the world also have great purposes… Having a deeper, more transcendent purpose is highly energizing for all of the various interdependent stakeholders, including the customers, employees, investors, suppliers, and the larger communities in which the business participates.”
— John Mackey, Founder of WholeFoods Market