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Our core leadership team unites two decades of experience in the LA cannabis market with expertise in political advocacy, healthcare, technology, finance and branding. We are the only cannabis retailer in Los Angeles founded by a credentialed health care professional and our advisory board includes respected physicians, neuro-psychologists, wellness experts as well as seasoned cannabis finance, law and tax professionals.


Nicole Fox, mph, RD

Nicole is a seasoned cannabis activist and an original pioneer in the LA medical cannabis scene since 2003, co-founding two of the first dispensaries that she successfully operated for five years, while also leading operations at her company's cultivation operation, supervising an 85+ person team. She is the co-founder and has been head of Business Development for Firebird Craft Cannabis for the past 7 years. She currently serves on the board for the Southern California Coalition, LA's largest and most inclusive cannabis trade association and continues to actively shape local legislative policy.  Nicole has 25 years of experience as an expert wellness entrepreneur, is a UCLA-trained Registered Dietitian, and has completed extensive post-graduate training in functional and integrative medicine. She is the only healthcare professional in Los Angeles to have founded a retail cannabis operation. 

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veena parekh
co-founder, Chief Marketing officer

Veena is a senior communications professional and restaurant industry veteran with a deep commitment to sustainable business, innovation, and community empowerment. Veena brings a unique perspective from her 20+ years career that bridges managing corporate communications, the competitive San Francisco restaurant industry, and the sustainability and community development fields. For the last 10 years, Veena lived in Amsterdam, the world’s oldest regulated cannabis market and a hub for innovation and social change. She worked in the corporate sector there, developing expertise in social media and digital strategy; media relations, brand, and employee engagement. Veena is passionate about mind-body health and believes that businesses can and should make a positive change in the world. Veena received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Economy from UC Berkeley and her Masters in Development Studies from Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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erron silverstein
chief financial officer

Erron brings financial, strategic and operational experience in both high-growth entrepreneurial startups and large established software corporations. He pioneered CityGrid, the first online local-targeted ad product, and most recently founded a Customer Insights SaaS company, serving as CFO and managing Human Resources. He holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a BA in History and International Relations from Cornell University’s College Arts and Sciences. Erron has been integral to on-the-ground market research, real estate compliance, financial modeling, and competitive analysis on the retail front. He has also been working closely with Aeon’s legal team to create Standard Operating Procedures to ensure each Aeon location operates smoothly and in alignment with local and State regulations.

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suniel fox
Chief product Officer 

Suniel is a master cultivator and distributor with 20 years of experience in the Los Angeles cannabis industry. He has a passion for sustainability and is a long-time partner to Los Angeles medical cannabis dispensaries. Since 2004, he has worked exclusively with local dispensaries to source high quality medicine, both from his own craft operations and his extensive network across the state. In 2008, he founded Firebird Cannabis, who’s reputation for providing consistent, premium medicine at a fair price has built Firebird into a successful craft brand sold at many of the longest operating dispensaries in LA. Suniel will oversee all product development to insure the highest quality and alignment with Aeon’s standards.

Aeon's founding team is joined by top professional advisors in tax, law, finance, branding and social media.


Counsel & IP Strategy

Sarah is the head of the Dorsey & Whitney LLP  New York Trademark Group and Creative Industries Group with over twenty years of experience helping clients protect, enforce and exploit their intellectual property assets as well as overseeing general business needs, with a focus on creative, tech, financial, cannabis and consumer product sectors. Sarah offers her expertise to Aeon as we build, define and deter- mine protective strategy of our IP Portfolio and trademarks.


Liz Fritz - Social Media Director

Liz brings 10 years of experience and a tremendous knowledge base of emerging social media, trend-spotting, photography and communications to Aeon. She has been focused solely on the cannabis industry for the past three years and is having a blast building Aeon’s social media platforms to showcase the unique contribution that Aeon makes to the retail industry as experts in health and wellness as well as being local Los Angeles cannabis industry pioneers and activists.


MATTHEW SCHWEBER - general CO-counsel
feuerstein kulick llp

Matthew Schweber possesses over 20 years of experience, representing Fortune 500 companies in complex litigation; advising venture capital firms and financial institutions on the law and regulations affecting their investments. He has served as general in-house counsel for lean Silicon Valley startups and assisted lone visionary entrepreneurs in forming their companies, raising capital, and realizing their company’s financial objectives. Matthew's practice areas span a wide range from intellectual property to health care and in the past five years has been focused on state cannabis laws and helping his clients be awarded licensure for both retail and cultivation operations.


mitch kulick - general CO-counsel
feuerstein kulick llp

Mitch brings a wealth of practical experience and knowledge to his  clients as a result of the many hats that he has worn during his 25-year legal career. Mitch’s current client base is primarily comprised of companies, funds, and investors focused on the cannabis industry. Mitch advises clients in all aspects of the cannabis space ranging from corporate governance to capital markets transactions to regulatory compliance.  Mitch was the General Counsel of Steep Hill Labs, Inc., the country’s first commercial cannabis lab, where he was the Company’s liaison to investors and government regulators. Mitch is a charter member of the International Cannabis Standards Board and has been a featured speaker at numerous cannabis industry functions.


Sumit Mehta - business strategy
Mazakali, LLC

Sumit brings nearly two decades of experience in financial capital markets to Aeon from business development to sales, management, research, analysis, valuation, strategy, capital introduction and operational consulting. Sumit is the CEO of Mazakali Capital Advisory, based in San Francisco as well as being the Finance and Strategy Consultant to The Arcview Group and Managing Partner at Emerald Ventures.  Sumit has directed cannabis investments since 2014 and is a frequent speaker on cannabis investment at noted industry events.


Steve Ernest - business stragegy
Mazakali, LLC

Steve is the co-founder of Mazakali Capital Advisory, LLC providing comprehensive business strategy advising to cannabis entrepreneurs. Steve spent nearly a decade in the financial capital markets across sales, business development, valuation, trading, client relationship management, wealth advisory and investment planning. Steve is a serial entrepreneur and former Wall Street banker who is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry to form thriving companies. 


Tyrone Freeman - Government Affairs

Tyrone Freeman is the Executive Director of the California Minority Alliance, the nation’s first cannabis trade association that fosters the participation of minorities in the cannabis industry. Mr. Freeman holds an MBA, two BAs, and a sports agent license. In 1996, he received the Los Angeles John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Award and was named Time Magazine’s Leader of the Year for revitalizing the labor movement. Mr. Freeman will spearhead minority outreach at Aeon and serve as it’s liaison to the West Hollywood and Greater Los Angeles political community.

Aeon is advised by an experienced team of physicians and health care professionals that provide necessary due diligence to ensure that all Aeon Botanika & partner brands meet our standards for evidenced based products, services and content.

Moshe Be-Roohi.png

Moshe Ben-Roohi, M.D.

Moshe Ben-Roohi, M.D. currently practices at Santa Monica’s Lifespan Institute in the field of physical medicine. He specializes in treating patients with degenerative joint disease and spinal conditions that cause chronic pain and that require alternative treatment therapies. Among these therapies, Dr. Ben-Roohi has recommended a full array of THC/CBD formulations to his patients and champions the use of cannabis to treat chronic pain and to wean patients from their dependence on addictive pharmaceuticals.

Jocelyne Eberstein.png

Jocelyne Eberstein

Jocelyne Eberstein, a licensed acupuncturist and doctor of oriental medicine, founded Los Angeles’ eCenter in 1990. The eCenter combines naturopathic therapy, systems biology, and the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine to tailor a person’s treatment regimen to their temperament and lifestyle. Dr. Eberstein’s belief in cannabis’ medicinal value stems from her command of the TCM Materia Medica and related research documenting the plants use in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 1,800 years. For this reason, Dr. Eberstein has recommended cannabis to her patients for over a decade.

Holly Edge-Booth.png

Dr. Holly Edge-Booth, Ph.D.

Dr. Holly Edge-Booth, Ph.D. is a clinical neuropsychologist with specialized training in brain, mind and behavior relationships
and the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of individuals with neurological, medical, neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric disorders across the lifespan. Dr. Edge-Booth supports holistic, multidisciplinary care and treatment that includes focus on nutrition, exercise, stress/mood management, optimal sleep and cognitive rehabilitation.

Laura Lagano.png

Laura Lagano

Laura Lagano ranks among the leaders of and pioneers in the integrative dietetics profession.
After three decades of practice in holistic medicine, in 2016, she and her partner, Donna Shields, co-founded the Holistic Cannabis Academy, a cannabis education & training platform for holistic- minded practitioners that brings evidence-based protocols and allopathic medical techniques to cannabis therapy. Ms. Lagano will oversee the training of all Aeon staff using the Holistic Cannabis Academy’s evidence based platform.

Chandra Macias.png

Dr. Chanda Macias, PH.D.

Dr. Chanda Macias is the owner and general manager of the National Holistic Healing Center Medical Marijuana Dispensary (“NHHC”) in Washington D.C.
NHHC is a patient treatment center (and advocacy group) dedicated to providing patients with debilitating medical conditions a cannabis alternative to traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals. As she did at NHHC, Dr. Macias will guide Aeon staff and will instruct Aeon Wellness Consultants on specific cannabis strains and dosages for targeted ailments.

Martin Polanco Hesse.png

Martin Polanco Hesse M.D.

Martin Polanco Hesse M.D. is the founder and program director of The Mission Within, a clinical program designed to treat veterans of U.S Special Operation Forces who suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Addiction and related medical conditions attributable to their military service. Dr. Hesse advocates the use of plant medicine, including cannabis, as a viable treatment alternative to traditional pharmaceuticals. Dr. Polanco Hesse will advise Aeon on its treatment of military veterans and will assist the company in its outreach to PTSD patients across the West Hollywood and Los Angeles community.