The Evolution of Medicine has Begun

You may have been hearing recently about functional medicine and wondering what it’s all about. Every person is unique and understanding that is essential to investigating what imbalances may be the root cause of disease or dysfunction. Some imbalances can lead to a variety of conditions, where some conditions can stem from many different causes. At its heart, functional medicine is about restoring balance to the body and also the belief that health is not just an absence of disease, but a state of long-lasting well-being.

Cannabis, Meet Wellness

Many people walk around somewhere on the spectrum of feeling awful to just “off,” and think they are just getting old or it’s how life is. A visit to even the most well-intentioned physician, who has only 10 minutes at best, results with the pharmaceutical management of symptoms or a blanket of advice to the tune of "eat less, exercise more and manage stress.” We don’t have a healthcare system, we have a disease management system. As the regulated cannabis industry accelerates, it offers people more access to this powerful plant. In my years of private practice as an integrative dietitian, I have been a long-time supporter of using cannabis therapeutically with my patients, with remarkable results. But the biggest changes I've helped people achieve happen when we widen the lens and use cannabis as one tool on the road to optimum health.