Powered by a purpose-driven, equitable culture

As the nascent cannabis industry is emerging into the mainstream, there is a terrific opportunity to do things differently. Our business philosophy is about social impact and designed intelligently by our experienced founding team.

Our approach integrates the disciplines of emotional & systems intelligence, the neuroscience of leadership, and mindful compassion.  We draw inspiration from the Conscious Capitalism movement, forwarded by John Mackey,  Founder of Whole Foods Market and we join many of the world's leading retail brands that truly love and care for all of their customers, team and communities such as  Tom's Shoes, Patagonia and Lululemon. We are passionate about building a company that makes a difference, and letting our customers know how supporting us, supports the world being a better place.


stakeholder integration

We see each stakeholder as part of an elegant ecosystem that wants to be in synergy, where solutions can be found to meet all stakeholder needs and create an organization that thrives. Stakeholders include everyone who impacts and is impacted by the company, which includes not only our customers,  but all of our team members, our investors, our suppliers, our local community and the planet. 

We all contribute to the creation of value and we believe that it is crucial that our business decisions support the fair distribution of that value. Our goal is to be voted the best place to work in the cannabis industry! 

conscious culture

The founding team of Aeon has established a company ethos imbued with a deep sense of meaning and caring about our shared purpose.

We are grateful as our team grows with inspired people who resonate with Aeon's vision for personal, community and planetary change. We are laying the groundwork with the firm intention of creating a culture that is built on trust, authenticity, love and equity. No one on our team is more important than anyone else. When the company succeeds, we all reap the rewards. Each team member is a valued stakeholder that we hold dear. We are family.



To support Aeon's vision in positively impacting our communities and affecting social change, we are directing a portion of our profits to local organizations that align with Aeon's values and make an impact in our community.

Our long term vision is to build a Cannabis with Conscience foundation to connect cannabis companies across the globe to non-profit organizations that align with their core values. Our goal is to impact social and environmental change by channeling the abundant resources of the cannabis industry and linking cannabis brands with non-profit organizations that align with their core values.